Fall Mini Family W

The leaves might not have changed yet but that didn't stop this gorgeous family from heading out to Black Farms to take their Fall pictures this weekend. As the kids were getting out of the car I started talking to them about the farm and the baby cow to loosen them up and get them talking before taking pictures. I think I've said this before but who doesn't love a baby cow?! Well big brother immediately informed me that it was not called a baby cow it was a calf. The kid had me, with a smile on my face I knew I would have to be on my game with this guy :)

I wish I could show all the pictures of this fun session but with the holidays right around the corner I don't want to ruin the surprise with any family pictures. And trust me this family takes a stunning picture together...maybe after the holidays I'll have to add it! Right now I'll stick to a few of the boys and maybe a couple with each parent and the kids. To start off with...how handsome are these two?!

After the tractor comes the baby cow, I mean calf ;) Big brother was brave and went right up to Charlie while little brother stayed back in the safety of Dad's arms. Do you think Charlie was little excited to see him?

I love being able to capture the special moments between a parent and their children. As you can see in these pictures they clearly LOVE Mom and Dad!

This little guy even picked Mom flowers. How sweet is he?!

And one last pair of pictures. Such a beautiful family! Click on the picture to enlarge.

Special thanks to Buttercup Boutique for letting me use their farm!

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