The B Family

I am one of those lucky people who has the best neighbors. Seriously, they are all amazing. And one of those neighbors happens to be the B Family. When they asked me to do their family pictures I was honestly a little nervous. I haven't worked too much with teenagers. Little kids are my comfort zone. I have two of them and I was an elementary school teacher. However, after taking their pictures I have no idea why I was nervous! This session was amazing, from the beautiful family, to the weather, and the location, it was so fun!

Knowing that many times older kids might not be too excited to have family pictures done, I decided to start off our session with Charlie, the cow. Of course everyone fell in love with him and got us off too an easy start.

So excited with the cows!

We decided to go across the street to an amazing property, which is up for sale if anyone is interested, to take some more family pictures. I mean seriously, how gorgeous is this family?! If you notice in all the pictures with Mom and Dad together, he always reaches over to put a hand on Mom. Such a sweet gesture, done without thinking, but shows the love between these two.

This smile is due to my mom. I was telling her about the session and how I was a little nervous about how to get smiles from teenagers. She told me to ask for a Mona Lisa smile since one of the girls is an artist. At first I thought my mom was crazy but after thinking about the ridiculousness of the request, I decided to go for it. I got the same reaction I had, laughs at how do you even do that?? And how sweet are these sisters??

So after some of the family pics we had to get a few with the kids and each parent. The picture of Dad on the bridge was so sweet. All three of them were swinging there legs the exact same way.

We decided to move more into the woods for Mom's picture with the kids. And that is when I saw the amazing light illuminating the leaves. I knew this was the perfect spot. Had the girls climb the rocks, because at any age who doesn't love to climb rocks, and had Mom squeeze in there. Stunning ladies!

Since I loved the lighting so much we had to get one of just the girls. This is one of my favorite pictures!!

And this one too!

This family was SO fun to shoot! Definitely one of my favorite sessions and some of my favorite pictures!!

Thank you to Buttercup Boutique for the use of your farm!!

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