The K Family

How is February this warm!? It's crazy how early everything is blooming this year. We had to move quickly in order to take advantage of the stunning blossoms at the Tulip tree on Black Farm. As you can see by all the petals on the ground the window for this tree is rather small!

The boys had fun climbing in the tree while getting ready for pictures. This Mama has her hands full with these 2 handsome boys!

The best part of this session was getting to take some pictures with the Great Grandparents. Papa tried his best to get out of pictures even saying he'd be delivering a cow about 15 minutes before picture time. Clearly Mimi wasn't having any of it because he was there right on time. This is what 65 years of marriage looks like, an amazing couple.

Had to get some with the Great Grandkids, the next generation to take over the farm.

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